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How Bail Works


Statewide Bail Bonds – Placement/Referral

24 Hour local and Interstate Fugitive Recovery Team

Assistance in locating or providing back-up to other agents

Welcome to Stokes & Associates Bail Bond Agency!

• FAST, 24 hour Local Service throughout North Carolina.

• Service with understanding, response with compassion, and performance with integrity.     

Although there are many reputable professionals in the bail bond business, it does attract seedy characters that act more like criminals than professionals. Such figures diminish the reputation of the bail bond industry and cause confusion with law enforcement authorities. Please research your bail agency choice properly. We appreciate your interest and business.

Our Values

Integrity: All staff maintains the highest level of professionalism and conducts themselves in a manner that is fair, ethical, and legal.

Justice: Consistently and aggressively demonstrate our uncompromising reference for the law based upon the ideal or justice for all and preservation of constitutional rights.

Trust: 100% Privacy and discretion.

Service: When providing this service it is essential that we develop strong lasting partnerships with legal professionals, law enforcement and the community to enhance public safety and reduce crime.


Harnett County Office:
5 West Front
Lillington, NC  27501
910-814-1919 Harnett County PRIMARY
910-814-3733 Harnett
910-814-0700 Harnett

Johnston County Office:
919-938-1212 Johnston County PRIMARY
919-989-1100 Johnston
919-989-1919 Johnston
Lee County Office:
919-777-0711 Lee County PRIMARY
919-777-6700 Lee
919-776-0019 Lee

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